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Region of Huronia Environmental Services (2013) Ltd. has been an industry leader in the recycling of biosolids.  The nutrient rich, processed organic material is derived from wastewater treatment.  Organic biosolids contain fertilizer constituents and organic matter essential for plant growth, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium as well as micronutrients such as zinc, magnesium and copper.

These waste materials from plants, animals, and humans also have valuable soil enhancing properties. These include a general improvement in soil fertility, soil structure, moisture retention, soil permeability and a reduction in soil erosion. The nutrients from these waste products provide some of the annual needs of the agricultural industry and can minimize synthetic fertilizer usage.

The practice has been used safely without any negative impact on human health for many years. Guidelines are carefully monitored and enhanced on a continuing basis.

Biosolids are ideal for crops such as: corn, soybeans, canola and cereal crops.  Biosolids application can also greatly improve forage and pasture land. In forestry, biosolids can help in rehabilitating soil affected by mining and other invasive soil exploitation. Biosolid use is highly regulated by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and provides a safe alternative to other fertilization methods.

Biosolids recycling is recognized as a sound alternative to landfill disposal and incineration.

Land application of biosolids

  1. is an economical alternative to chemical fertilizers
  2. improves soil quality
  3. enhances soil structure
  4. adds much needed organic matter

Biosolids may only be applied to agricultural land under a Certificate of Approval issued by the MOE.  Soil testing and local topography ensure site suitability for biosolids application.

Responsible management of biosolids ensures that the application benefits the crop without degrading the surrounding environment or compromising the health and wellbeing of humans, livestock and plants.

ROHES (2013) Ltd. is actively seeking agricultural land for the application of biosolids from local municipalities.  If you are interesting in receiving this free 100% natural fertilizer and organic soil amendment please contact our office at:

Toll Free 1-800-265-0046 or Telephone 705-424-9799

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