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As an industry leader and pioneer in business, ROHES has broadened its service and is providing a number of unique features.

Dredge and Lagoon Pumping

Region of Huronia can dredge your lagoon/pond regardless of its size, if your lagoon is three or twenty feet deep we have the right equipment for your needs.  All of our dredges have power auger heads and submerged pumps to ensure a thorough even cleaning of your lagoon/ponds bottom while pumping a high solids content at the same time.

Mobile Screening

Mobile Screening and roller press to remove hair and other products found in sewage.  We can also screen sand bedding.



ROHES is one of the few companies that can provide winter storage at its own MOE approved storage site. With the implementation of the Nutrient Management Act, this storage service will become an absolute necessity for larger municipalities.


Specialty Equipment

As an added service, ROHES has invested in a modern equipped Hydro Vacuum vehicle that is ideal for excavation in sensitive areas such as around municipal or public buildings. This method of excavation is becoming a preferred means of removing materials around hydro, water and gas lines.  When compared to old-fashioned excavation methods, the risk factor is greatly reduced. Many municipalities are now demanding that this type of equipment be used for locating potentially dangerous buried lines. Hydro Vac is also an ideal method of removing both wet and dry materials.

GPS Spreading

GPS use in spreading, addresses concerns over spreading issues. It is a foolproof way of providing assurances where necessary. Again ROHES is pioneering new and improved technological methods of service.


Rapid Emergency Response

ROHES provides a guaranteed response time of 4 hours or less to the emergency needs of its customers. Some calls have a response time of less than an hour. Emergency service is available on a 24-hour basis.


Environmental Specialist

Responding to public awareness and concern about soil and water source contamination, ROHES employs a specialist in the environmental field to monitor its own activities.

ROHES provides a number of other services including:
  • Pumping, hauling and disposal of waste bentonite produced in the underground drilling process
  • Pumping, transport and disposal of waste, such as oily water from ships, abandoned fuel tanks, etc.
  • Pumping and storage of contents of wash pits to facilitate cleaning
  • Pumping, transport and disposal of used motor oil or furnace oil intended for re-use
  • Emergency pumping with respect to spills, overflows, or hazardous materials being disposed of or accumulating in cache basins or manholes
  • Pumping, transport and disposal of sludge from lift locks
  • Pumping, transport and disposal of pulp and plastic waste
  • Cleaning of septic chambers, grit chambers, digestors and interceptors
  • Pumping, temporary storage and transport of chemical, and hazardous, non-toxic waste
  • Provision of pressurized water used in the testing of underground gas lines

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