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Latest News

“ROHES recently underwent a facility audit by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, and received an overall rating of 95.8%.

 In addition, ROHES was recently notified by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, that we have been awarded an “Excellent” safety rating, under Section 17.1(1) of the Highway Traffic Act.”

Biosolids Storage Lagoons:Lagoon Pic.jpg (29672 bytes)

Construction is complete!   ROHES currently manages 9 membrane-lined storage cells providing our clients with storage during winter and inclement weather when land application is not feasible.  With the implementation of the Nutrient Management Act, once ‘phased-in’, wastewater treatment facilities are required to have storage for all of the biosolids (non-agricultural source material) they generate in a 240 day period.

AerWay® SSD Injection Implement:

With consumer sensitivity, the odour and appearance of sludge on local farms is becoming an issue, especially when in close proximity to residential developments.AerWay on Truck jpeg.jpg (84518 bytes)

With biosolids surface application decreasing in popularity, the demand for sub-surface injection capabilities is steadily increasing.  This along with farmer demand, has lead ROHES to purchase a second AerWayÒ SSD Injection unit in 2004 and a third AerWayÒ SSD Injection unit for the 2005 spreading season.

This sub-surface injection implement significantly reduces odours, ensures a uniform application rate across the entire width of the machine, while aerating the soil and can even apply nutrients under the crop canopy without fouling, contaminating or burning the plants.

While this type of injection can be used in virtually all biosolids applications, it is ideal for hay and pasture crops and can even be used in no-till situations.

The use of the AerWay® SSD has been so successful - our farmers ask for it by name.

For more information on the AerWay® injection implement visit:

Drag-Hose System:

The use of our newly purchased drag-hose system was a resounding success,Case Trac jpeg.jpg (46095 bytes) applying over 60 000 m 3 in the 2004 spreading season.   Our drag-hose system is ideal for larger sites, ensuring the application is completed in a timely manner.

A drag-hose system is so called because a hose is 'dragged' over the soil surface while spreading thus eliminating soil compaction issues. Our drag-hose system is coupled with an AerWay® SSD injector and a bladder storage unit.


Reduce your production costs!

Biosolids use could save you big $$ this year! 

With commercial fertilizer rates increasing and crop returns at an all-time low - seeding rates, biosolids and weed control are the top ways to save on production costs!

Learn how you can save $$ this year - read the full article published March 8, 2005 in the Ontario Farmer newspaper.

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